Roundtable Discussion

  • Psychology


    Unit 4-Developmental Psychology


    Developmental Psychology Roundtable Discussion






    How does the course of human development influence one’s behavior and mental processes?




    Skills/Content Focus:


    (1)  Development over a lifespan: In class notes and activities associated with the lifespan


    (2)  To develop deeper content knowledge of human development and its influence on behavior and mental processes


    (3)  To explore the human experience further


    (4)  How to effectively participate in a Roundtable Discussion


     Assessment Grade for the 2nd Quarter: 10 points


    ___1. Development and Submission of 3 Questions for the Developmental PsychologyRoundtable Discussion (see Roundtable Discussion Guide attached) (~6 points)  **You may have no more than ONE Close-Ended Question.



    ___2. Participation in the Developmental Psychology Roundtable Discussion (see Roundtable Discussion Guide attached) (~3.5 points)


                **A 30% deduction will occur if student does not participate in the Roundtable Discussion, unless absence is excused by a doctor’s note, a severe event in the family, or equivalent reason.  Upon these circumstances, students will complete an alternative assignment upon approval of the teacher.




    ___3. Completion of a Self-Assessment (~.5 points)