Personality Test Activity

  • Personality Type Activity:


    Essential Question:

    1. What is Psychology and how does it inform a better understanding of ourselves?
    2. How can a personality test (psychology) be used to better explain who I am and why I behave the way that I do?



    1. Using the link in Ms. Goelz’s website (Psychology-Unit 1-Personality Test), click on the 16 Personalities website.

    2. Click on “Take the Test” and begin answering the questions as honestly as you can.  Answer the questions from your own perspective, not from what you believe that others think of you as.  

    3. When finished, read about your Personality Type**, and respond to the question in your notes:


         Do I think that the results from the Personality Test better explain who I am and my behavior, my potential for happiness? If so, why? If not, why not?


    **Do not print out your results.  Remember your Personality Type name (for example: Sentinel Defender (ISFJ (-A/-T)), and you may go back and look at this Personality Type again from the website under “Personality Types.”