• 2019-2020
    We will have homework assignments from our handwriting, math, and Second Step programs.  I will also send home a phonics activity for you to complete at home.  The phonics activity does not need to be returned to school.  You can keep the phonics materials at home to use for practice.  Throughout the year I will also send home some fun seasonal homework that should be returned to school.  Homework should be done with a pencil (unless otherwise stated in the directions) and your child should write his/her own name on the paper.  Homework is due the day after it is sent home.  Please check your child’s folder daily.  In January I will begin to send home reading books and reading logs weekly.  Your child will be asked to read his/her book to a few different people or multiple times to one person each weekend.  I will send home more information about homework as the assignments are sent home.  Most children look forward to homework in kindergarten and are excited to begin.  If you feel your child is overwhelmed by the homework, please let me know and we can make accommodations.  Young children learn best by engaging in lots of active, hands-on activities with a wide variety of materials available.  Our room and schedule are set up to reflect this developmental need and we can certainly modify the homework, if necessary, to make it more hands-on.