• I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish and a Master's degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of Massachusetts. I have been teaching kindergarten since 2003 and have been very fortunate to work with a diverse group of amazing students with a variety of strengths.  I am dedicated to supporting my English Language Learners in the mainstream classroom and helping them to successfully access the curriculum.  I believe it is important to celebrate the diversity within the classroom and our community. Celebrating students' cultural strengths by integrating information from various cultures into classroom instruction is a crucial step toward fostering respect and open-mindedness for other cultures as well as developing pride in one's culture.  I also embrace the true inclusion model where accommodations are made for all special needs and high expectations are set for all children. I believe that play, hands-on exploration, and the development of social and emotional skills are fundamental components of any developmentally appropriate kindergarten curriculum.   


    My interests include teaching young children, music, djing, travel, beaches, surfing, and studying Spanish language and Hispanic culture abroad.  I have been fortunate enough to study and teach children in beautiful Spain, Mexico, and Ecuador. I have also enjoyed developing my own Spanish curriculum and teaching Spanish lessons in Massachusetts to children in preschool and in grades K-2.


    I live in Amherst with my husband, Josh, and my two children.  Ella is 9 and Benjamin is 6.

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