• Homeless Resources

    The federal McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance Act requires that school districts immediately enroll homeless students in school, even if they do not have the documents usually required for enrollment, such as school records, medical records or proof of residency. 


    Homeless students have a right to either remain in their school of origin or to attend school where they are temporarily residing.


    If a student chooses to remain in the school in which s/he was enrolled and is living in a town other than the town in which that school exists, these two towns are responsible for cost sharing the expenses for transportation.


    Homelessness is defined as one living in a shelter, motel, vehicle or a campground; on the street; in an abandoned building or trailer; or doubled-up with friends or relatives.


    Students who are homeless have an automatic right to free breakfast and lunch.


    For a list of resources if you are homeless, click here.


    If you are an unaccompanied youth, click here to print the form for registration.


    If you are a parent of a student and you are homeless, click here to print the form for registration.


    The South Hadley Public School's homeless liaison is Elizabeth Cooke.