South Hadley Public Schools


    As required by M.G.L. 71A, Section 3, the district is required to assess non-English proficient students new to our district. "English Language Learner"  (ELL) is defined as a child who does not speak English or whose native language is not English, and who is not currently able to perform ordinary classroom work in English.

    Upon enrollment, a student who is not proficient in English will be evaluated by an ESL teacher using the LAS R/W, and O.  The results of this assessment provide us with standardized information about the student's level of proficiency using the English language.  The building staff then coordinate a meeting with parents and staff to review the findings of the LAS R/W and O.  The classroom teacher is integral to this discussion, as s/he will be able to share valuable input regarding the student's ability to participate in the language rich classroom environment.  A document (called the Language Assistant Team, LAT) is completed and it summarizes the findings of the discussion and documents the plan that has been created to meet the student's needs.

    Once a student has been identified as an ELL, the student is also required to participate in Massachusetts Department of Education testing (MEPA and MELA-O) at specific times of the year. 

    English language learners in South Hadley Public Schools are taught to the same academic standards and curriculum frameworks as all students and are provided the same opportunities to master such standards and frameworks as other students.   In addition, teachers in the SHPS will use the English Language Learners for Grades PreK-12 Benchmarks and Outcomes to support their work with ELL's.

    It is the policy and practice of the South Hadley Public Schools to translate all pertinent home-bound material whenever possible. This material includes, but is not limited to, report card narratives, newsletters, medical forms, handbooks, classroom updates, and upcoming events. Whenever necessary and possible, interpreters will be available for parent/teacher meetings, IEP meetings, and other family-school related events.