Unit 6: Learning & Cognition

  • Unit 6: Learning & Cognition

    Unit Essential Questions:


    How do we learn and how does learning affect our behaviors?



    How do memory, thinking, and intelligence affect the details of everyday life?

    How do we remember, but also forget?

    How do we solve problems, and are we intelligent?



    Corresponding Modules/Chapters in Text:  (Thinking About Psychology Text)

    Learning: Modules 14, 15, 16

    Cognition: Modules 22, 23, 24, 25


    Grades for the 3rd & 4th Quarter



    1. Test on the Learning part of the unit (~40 points, 4th Quarter)
    2. Cognition Stations Activity (15 points, 4th Quarter)
    3. How do we remember? Activity (5 points; 4th Quarter)
    4. Test on the Cognition part of the unit (~20 points, 4th Quarter)
    5. Teaching Activity: How Do We Teach to Learn? (26 points, 4th Quarter)


    1. (Optional Grade) Classical Conditioning Practice (10 points, 3rd Quarter)
    2. HW # 1: Are you Intelligent? Response (10 points)