Unit 4: Developmental Psych.


    Unit 4: Developmental Psychology

    Essential Question:

    How does the course of human development influence one’s behavior and mental processes?

    • Is development a gradual process or a series of distinctly different stages?
    • Will you still be the same person as you move through adulthood?
    • How much of our development is nature and how much of our development is nurture?


    Corresponding Chapters in Text (Thinking About Psychology):

    Module 11: Prenatal and Childhood Development

    Module 12: Adolescence


    Grades for the 2nd Quarter:

    Assessment Grades:

    1. Parenting Tips Activity (~16 points)
    2. Roundtable Discussion (~10 points)
    3. Unit Test (~ 30 points)


    Practice Grades:

    1. 4 Homeworks...See HW tab for unit 

    Extra Credit  (To be awarded on lowest 2nd Quarter Assessment grade)

    1. 2 Options...See Extra Credit tab for unit