Unit 2: Biopsychology Part a-The Nervous System and the Brain

  • Unit 2: Biopsychology: The Nervous System & The Brain




    Corresponding Chapters in Text: Thinking About Psychology

    Module 4: The Nervous System and Endocrine System (pgs. 59-76)

    Module 5: The Brain (pgs. 77-93)


    Unit Essential Question:


    Domain Essential Question: In what ways do the biological and psychological processes interact?

    Part a Sub-Question: How does the Nervous System contribute to behavior and mental processes?


    Grades for the 1st Quarter


    (1) Brain Structures Coloring Book (~ 15 points)

    (2) Group Test on Unit Content (~25-30 points)

    (3) General Participation in unit (~10 points)



    (1) HW # 1: Read Module 4 & Define Terms

    (2) Part a Web Discovery of the Nervous System

    (3) HW # 2: Brain Scenario