General Info and Materials

  • Welcome to Ms. Goelz's class!  I look forward to working with you this school year.  Please check this site regularly for updates, assignments, and extras that enhance your learning about the course.  

    Materials Required:
    1. Notebook & Supply of loose leaf paper 
    2. Folder or binder to keep class materials in
    3. pens, pencils, highlighter
    Course Weights (as determined by SHHS)
    80 % Assessments (Tests, Quizzes, Essays, Projects, Presentations, etc.)
    20 % Practice (Classwork, Homework, etc.)
    Class Gmail Account Sign-in Directions:
    Throughout the course, you will be interacting with your peers and submitting material via our class gmail address.  To sign into this gmail account:


    1. Sign into Gmail with this account information;

    username: goelzhistoryshhs

    password: TIGERS2019

    2. Open Google Drive and go to your course title's folder.

    3. Open your course title block document and follow the stated directions.