• HW # 1 Directions:


    1. Choose a current events article that pertains to gender or sexuality from any news source within the past year.  You may want to consider political events, sporting events, etc.  Possible news sources could included: CNN, Washington Post, NYTimes, US News, online news sources.


    1. Print out and read the article, then answer the following question on a single page (your response should be between 1/2-1 page, single spaced): **Bring this article to class!!!


    How does the issue of gender or sexuality affect those within this article or those in society?



    HW # 2 Directions: 


    (1) Listen to and watch the TED Talk by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie titled, "We Should All Be Feminists," (~30 min.) and respond to the following prompt on a single page between 1/2-1 page, single-spaced:

    How does the issue of gender and/or sexuality affect women, men, & society, as a whole?

    (Make sure to address all three categories.) 

    (2) Read White Text pages 300-318, beginning at Gender Inequaility in the United States.


    CP: Read White Text pages 300-318, beginning at Gender Inequality in the United States.



    HW # 3 Directions: (requirement of the What is Feminism? Assignment)


    1. Decide upon and list your 3 Feminists with brief notes on their biggest achievement/contributions/take-aways for why they are feminists.  These notes should include between 3-4 reasons why this individual is a feminist.

    **You must use at least ONE Feminist from the 1st or 2nd Wave of Feminism (see class notes for review of waves of feminism).