• A is for Attendance

    Learning takes place every day!  Please make sure your child comes to school every day on time, except in cases of illness or emergency.

    B is for Birthdays

    We understand that birthdays are a big deal for young children.  However, our school policy is no food for celebrations, except what the school provides.

          Box Tops

    Our school is collecting “Box Tops for Education.”  Each label is worth 10 cents…it adds up fast!

    C is for Communication

    Communication between home and school is very important for your first grader.  Please feel free to contact me at school, by email, or send a note in your child’s homework folder.


    We have parent/teacher conferences in October and March.  However, I am available throughout the year to meet with parents.  I believe it is especially important to meet with the parents of all my students in the fall.  

    D is for Dismissal

    School ends at 3:25 pm on full school days and at 12:15 pm on half days.  If your child is to go home a different way than his or her normal manner you must send a written note.

    E is for Emergencies

    The school may need to contact you. If your phone number or address changes, please notify the school.  This is very important!


    My school email address is:


    F is for Family

    The students and I spend a lot of time together and consider one another part of our “school family.”  Please encourage your child to tell you something about their day at school. 

        Field Trips

    Occasionally we will go on a field trip.  The permission slip must be signed and returned for your child to go. 

    Chaperones need to pass a CORI. (see Volunteers)

    G is for Grades

    Grades are given on report cards three times a year.  The first report card is provided to parents in December. 

    H is for Homework

    Your child will have homework Monday through Thursday. I will send a homework packet and reading log on Monday, or the first day of the week.  Please return it completed at the end of the week. Homework is reinforcement of skills learned in class.  Please check your child’s homework and help only if they ask for it.  As a part of their homework, your child should be reading or be read to for at least 10 to 15 minutes every night.  

    I is for Important Papers

    Important notices will be sent home periodically.  Please check your child’s homework folder for important papers every night.

    J is for Job Well Done

    Be sure to notice your child’s growth and let him/her know that all that effort is paying off!

    K is for Kindness

    I encourage kindness within our classroom.  I also expect kind and courteous behavior beyond our four walls.   If any student is having a problem with another student, please let me know.

    L is for Lunch

    Children have lunch and recess from 12:30 - 1:25.

    M is for Money

    If you are sending money to school, please put it in an envelope and have it labeled with the child’s name and what the money is for (Lunch, Book Fair, Field Trip, etc.).   You may also use the on-line payment program.

    N is for News

    Our Class News will be on my website.  If you have limited computer access and prefer a hard copy, please let me know. 

    O is for Organization

    Good organizational habits begin to form in first grade.  Please encourage your child to get into the habit of keeping homework and library books in one place.  Students also need to put their completed homework into their backpacks and wear sneakers on P.E. days.

    P is for Practice, practice, practice

    Just like any other thing you expect to be good at, the skills learned in school need to be practiced.  Please provide time at home after school for your child to practice their math facts and reading.  These skills will help them in Second Grade and beyond.

    Q is for Questions or Concerns

    Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions/concerns.  The best way to contact me is through email or a note sent to school.

    R is for Reading

    We will be doing lots of reading in first grade.  Please set aside a time each day for your child to read.  He/she can read aloud to you or another family member (a younger sibling, perhaps).  Books read by your child should be at his/her level.  You can also use this time to read more challenging books to your child.  Everyone loves to be read to!

    S is for Scholastic Book Clubs

    Your child may bring home book order forms occasionally this year.  This is a great way to purchase books inexpensively, while helping our class earn points towards other items!

    T is for Talking

    Talking to friends about feelings and ideas is an important part of learning. There are, however, appropriate and inappropriate times to talk.  I understand that breaking rules about talking may seem less important than others, but I encourage you to support me in the enforcement of this rule, because it does affect your child's learning, as well as the learning of other children.

    U is for Unique 

    I believe that each child has unique learning needs. Therefore I may be providing instruction to your child that is different than his or her peers.

    V is for Volunteers

    All school volunteers must have a CORI form filled out to chaperone any class field trips.  This is our school’s policy for your child’s protection.  Forms are available through the office.  Please fill one out ASAP since they take time to process.

    W is for Website

    We have a classroom website: http://www.southhadleyschools.org/webpages/CFitzgerald/index.cfm

    It includes Spelling Words, math practice sites, our classroom news.

    X Y Z

    I am eXcited to work with You and Yourchild this year!  Make sure he/she gets plenty of Zzzzz’s each night as we have eXciting days planned for this year.

    *Thanks to Mrs. Fox and Mrs. Bainbridge, who teach in Florida, for this fabulous idea!

    Sometimes, I may include pictures of a class activity.  I have a list of any students for whom I do not have permission to photograph or video tape them.  If you prefer NOT to have your child on the website, please drop me a note or email.