• Plains School Reading Interventions

    Even with the best classroom instruction, some children struggle with reading acquisition. Through thorough assessment and classroom teacher observation, we are able to identify children who need additional reading support.

    We are fortunate to have two highly trained Reading Specialists at Plains. Dee McWilliams and Taryn LaRaja meet daily with struggling readers using two successful, research-based reading interventions: Reading Recovery and Leveled Literacy Intervention. 


    Reading Recovery (www.readingrecoveryworks.org) is a short-term, regular-education tutoring intervention for first graders having the most difficulty with early reading and writing. A Reading Specialist works individually with students in daily 30-minute lessons for 12 to 20 weeks.

    * Reading Recovery achieved top results when compared to 170 other reading programs. If you are interested in reading more about the effectiveness of Reading Recovery on the Federal Government’s What Works Clearinghouse website click here (www.whatworks.ed.gov).


    Leveled Literacy Intervention / LLI (http://www.fountasandpinnell.com/lli/) is a small-group, supplementary intervention program designed to provide powerful, daily, small-group instruction for struggling readers in the early grades. Our Reading Specialists work with Kindergarten and Grade 1 students who need intensive support to achieve grade-level competency.

    Our Language Arts Program aligns with the Massachusetts English Language Arts and Literacy Curriculum Frameworks based on the Common Core State Standards.


    If you have questions about our Language Arts or intervention programs, please contact one of us!


    Taryn LaRaja tlaraja@shschools.com

    Dee McWilliams: dmcwilliams@shschools.com