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Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Darlene Sullivan


I have been teaching at at the integrated preschool at Plains School for 18 years as a teacher of young children with special needs.  Prior to that, I worked in early intervention at Criterion-Heritage Early Intervention.  I am also a licensed physical therapist assistant and have worked in geriatrics, acute care, and pediatrics.  For obvious reasons, teaching preschool children is my dream job! 

I live in Belchertown with my husband. We have two sons, one is living in Colorado and the other currently lives at home with us.

As many of you already know, I do have some unusual pets! In our classroom, we have a pair of African clawed dwarf frogs...they don't have names, but the 'big' frog is a girl, and the 'small' one is a boy. They are about 8 years old and live completely underwater, coming up to breathe air occasionally! My dog, Scruffy, is 15 and he still acts like a puppy. My beautiful corn snake who is named Doug (who was a Christmas gift from my sons) is 6, and my leopard gecko is named Barcar (she was my son's, but gave him to me when he went to college!) is 7.

My favorite thing to do when I am not working is to go to the beach! I also enjoy listening to music, being outdoors in nature, and spending time with my family and friends.