Agents of Socialization Project

  • Self and Socialization Unit: Agents of Socialization Research



    How do Agents of Socialization Affect Who We Are (the self)?


    How do Agents of Socialization Affect How We Are Accepted in Society?




    • Content: Deeper Knowledge of the Agents of Socialization
    • Research in Sociology Skills at the Introductory Level; Using the Scientific Method
    • How to be an effective and contributing member of a social group (groups no larger than 4)




    (1) Agent of Socialization: School

    Research Question:

    How does a student’s academic performance contribute to feelings of belonging in the high school?


    Research Method: Surveys and Interviews

    Searching: Library Databases: Current Events: Opposing Viewpoints: academic performance


    (2) Agent of Socialization: Family

    Research Question: How does the presence of same-sex parents affect a child’s sense of self esteem?

    Research Method: Surveys, Interviews, and Existing Sources

    Searching: Google: Same-sex parenting


    Assessment Grade for the 3rd Quarter: 53 points in Powerschool

    Your grade is earned by successful completion of:

    ___1. Submit Steps 1-5 of the Research Model in hard copy or to the shared Gmail Account.  See website and below for detailed requirements. (20 points)

    ___2. Conduct Steps 6-8 of the Research Model. See website and below for detailed requirements. (30 points)

    ___3. Complete your Group’s Self-Assessment. (3 points)

    **Detail provided in the assignment file below.


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