Student Activities

  • Student Activity # 1: Survey


    1. Please take the survey above. 
    2. Write a 1/2-3/4 page journal response to further explain your choice above.  


    Student Activity # 2:

    1. Choose a group of 3-4 classmates.
    2. On your 11 x 17” paper, answer the question: What do we learn from this Agent of Socialization?
    3. Determine which Agent of Socialization is the most significant Agent in socialization.  Be able to explain why.



    Student Activity # 3: Gender Socialization 


    1. BBC’s Gender Specific Toys Video
    2. Gender Socialization Reading (hard copy, in class)
    3. National Geographic’s Kids Talk Gender Video



    Data Workshop # 4 (Analyzing TV as an Agent of Socialization)-Honors Text pg. 113

    1. Read Data Workshop through, entirely.
    2. Complete Questions 1-5 on pg. 113, by taking notes on your chosen TV show and aspect of society that you’re focusing on.
    3. Have ready for next class period.



    Student Activity # 5: Identity Chart

    1. Students will create a mid-year Identity Chart using the prompt, “Who am I?”  Using 11 x 17” paper, create an identity chart with your name in the middle.  Use stems to create the descriptors that make you.  Consider the material we’ve encountered so far, your beliefs, etc.  Feel free to add drawings or color, or phrases to identify yourself.  **These will be seen by others in your class. 
    2.  In your journal, please compare your 1st Identity Chart from September to this 2nd Identity Chart. These should be at least a paragraph long.