• HW # 1: Baby Names


    Belkin, Lisa. 2008. “The Baby Name Game - Motherlode Blog.” New York Times, December 12. http://parenting.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/12/12/baby-names/



    1.  Read through the article above and look through the Social Security Administration’s name website (http://www.ssa.gov/oact/babynames/).


    1. Analyze the results and begin to make some observations.  Do these results say anything about our culture?  Can you determine what our culture values as a result of viewing this data?  Begin to think deeper and make at least 2 hypotheses. Explain why you are making these hypotheses.


    1. Do some research on your own name.   Is your name on the list?  What analyses can you make about your name?  Does your name’s popularity say anything about you or the culture in which you live? Does it say anything about your parents and their decision to name you that name? Explain your analyses.


    1. Write down any questions that you have OR discussion starters that you'd like to share with the class that were prompted by completing this homework.



    HW # 2: Noodle Tools and Gmail Account Access (1st Quarter Assessment Grade: 10 points)


    1. Read over the Noodle Tools Sign-In Instruction Sheet provided in class.
    2. Make sure that you can sign in to Noodle Tools with your own login on an electronic device on your assigned due date.
    3. Review the use of Noodle Tools by watching the Video Tutorial here.
    4. Please be prepared to use Noodle Tools for notecards beginning on assigned due date.


    HW # 3: Ethnocentrism, Cultural Relativism, and American Culture

    Read pages 80-85, stopping at Variations in Culture.  Define terms and provide an example for: Material Culture, Symbolic Culture, Signs, Gesture, Language, Values, Norms, Taboo, Sanction