Roundtable Discussion Information

  • **To Submit Questions:


    Gmail Account:

    Username: goelzhistoryshhs

    password: TIGERS2019 (all caps)



    Information for Roundtable Discussions # 1 & # 2

    Assessment Grade for the 2nd Quarter: (~5 points each)*

    **See Requirements below.


    Assessment Grade (LE 2: Communicate and listen effectively.)

    ____Submitted 3 Relevant & Thought-Provoking Questions to the Shared Document, ON TIME (~6/10 points)*

    ____Active Participation in the Roundtable Discussion (~3.5/10 points) (as described by the rubric below)*

    ____Completed Self-Assessment Rubric AND Written Explanation, below (~.5/10 points)*

    *Note that in Powerschool, this grade will be out of a total of 5 points, rather than 10. So, I will simply take ½ of the points that you earn in order to convert to 5 points.

    **In the event of your absence from the Roundtable Discussion, you will write single-space ¾ page responses to 3 class discussion questions.



    4: Advanced

    3: Proficient

    2: Needs Improvement

    1: Insufficient

    Effectively participates in classroom discussions

    Asks relevant questions; volunteers or expresses clear, concise and appropriate opinions and ideas that generate discussion and learning.

    Asks questions and volunteers or expresses appropriate opinions and ideas.

    At times asks questions and expresses opinions and ideas when called upon.

    Rarely asks questions and expresses opinions and ideas when called upon.

    Uses active listening skills in the classroom

    Fully engaged and attentive to speakers and responds appropriately to the ideas of others in order to contribute to the learning experience

    Attentive to speakers and responds appropriately to others

    Limited attention to speakers and little response to the ideas of others.

    Little to no attention to speakers and is unresponsive to the ideas of others.


    If I could give myself a final grade for my participation in the Roundtable Discussion, which is a Participation Grade for the quarter, it would be_____(number 1-10) because…EXPLANATION REQUIRED below.




    Roundtable Discussion Guide


    The Discussion: Overall, the questions that you prepare and submit will guide the discussion.  Remember to review the essential questions for assistance on where to direct your questions.


    Goals: During the Roundtable Discussion, your goals are:

    1. Ask & Answer questions                        d. Invite others into the discussion                       
    2. Build off of other participants’ ideas       e. Keep a topic alive by asking probing questions
    3. Challenge others’ ideas                          f.  Present and analyze evidence


    Types of Questions:

    • Close-Ended Question: A question that will help everyone come to agreement about the events or concepts.  This question usually has a correct answer.

                            Ex.: What are the 3 locations that Ehrenreich worked in the book?


    • Open-Ended Question: An insightful question that requires proof, insights, and group discussion to discover or explore the answer.

    Ex.: How do nature and nurture affect human behavior and mental processes?


    • Historical Analysis Question: A question that evaluates the decisions and actions of people in the past.

    Ex.: Do you think it was ethical for the government to assist the citizens during the Great Depression?


    • Sociologicial Question: A question that connects the topic to the way people interact and act today.

    Ex.: Do you think that future generations will even debate the social and cultural topics that divide us today (for example: LGBT rights, abortion, physician assisted suicide, stem cell research)?


    • Universal Theme/Core Question: A question that deals with the themes of the topic that will encourage group discussion about its universality?

    Ex.: How do you think that we should respond to cultures which deny what we believe are human rights, regardless of cultural differences?


If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.