Unit Terms (Honors)

  • Research in Sociology Focus

    A Down to Earth Approach Text Chapter 5 (pages 124-143):


    1. In your Learning Journal, you will define each term within the Research in Sociology Focus section AND the Social Class Focus section below.
    2. All terms require text support from Nickel and Dimed and MLA page #

    Example MLA Page #: Rapport: She discusses how she "makes friends, over time, with other 'girls' who work my shift...," (Ehrenreich 36)


    1. Research Model/Scientific Method (and the steps involved)
    2. Research Methods
    3. Participant Observation/Fieldwork
    4. Rapport
    5. Generalizability
    6. Deception (In class term; no example or text support needed) 



    Social Class Focus

    Sociology: A Down to Earth Approach Text Chapter 10 (pages 256-286):


    1. Social class/Socioeconomic Status
    2. Prestige
    3. U.S. Social Class Ladder & Terms for Social Classes (no example or text support needed)
    4. Social Mobility
    5. The American Dream
    6. Poverty Line
    7. Deferred Gratification