Unit 7: Gender and Sexuality

  •  Essential Question for Unit:

    1. How do gender and sexuality affect how individuals see themselves and interact with others in society?


    Corresponding Chapters in Text: 

    Green Text: The Real World Chapter 9, pages 242-264

    White Text: A Down to Earth Approach Chapter 11, pages 288-293 AND pages 300-318


    4th Quarter Assessments:

    Classwork: What is Feminism? Assignment

    Homework: see links to the left for directions.

    (1) Current Events Article and Response (10 points)

    (2) Honors: Required Text Reading & OPTIONAL PDF Reading &  OR  CP: Text Reading from pages listed in HW # 2 tab (Honrs: 10 points, CP: n/a points))

    (3) 3 Feminists Listed and Explained (from What is Feminism? Assignment) (15 points)


    Assessment: Quiz on terms (below) at the conclusion of the unit (~22-25 points)