Unit 5: Life in Groups

  • Unit 5: Life in Groups


    Corresponding Chapters in Text:

    Green Text: Chapter 5 (The Real World)

    White Text: Chapter  6 pgs. 144-146 & 152-169 (Sociology: A Down to Earth Approach)


    Essential Question:

    (1) How does group membership affect individuals within AND outside of the group?

    (2) How does the way that humans group themselves affect their willingness to act?


    Grades for the 3rd Quarter:


    1. Text and Terms
    2. ISIS and the Group
    3. Text and Terms


    1. Participation in the Roundtable Discussion (10 points)
    2. Unit Test (CP ONLY) (~13 points)
    3. Essay response to Essential Questions (HONORS ONLY) (13 points)


     Experiments in Conformity:

     In Class Clips: