Unit 1: Intro to Sociology Through Identity

  • Unit 1: Introduction to Sociology Through Identity

    1. Identity and the Sociological Perspective
    2. Sociology’s Roots/Theories


    Unit Essential Questions:

    1. Why is the developing of a sociological perspective important in the study of sociology?
    2. Who am I? Why is my identity important to the study of sociology?

    Unit Terms: There will be a Quiz on these terms at the end of the Unit.


    For Terms, see these pages in the text.

    • Text: Sociology A Down-to-Earth Approach:

    Read text pages 2-8 and 22-29 (stopping at Trends Shaping the Future of Sociology),  focusing on the terms below.


    • Text:The Real World:

    Read text pages 6-18 (stopping at Sociology's Family Tree) and 22-34 (stopping at New  Theoretical Approaches), focusing on the terms below.



    • Sociology
    • Society
    • Natural vs. Social Sciences
    • Sociological Perspective
    • Beginner's Mind
    • Sociological Imagination
    • Stereotype & Prejudice
    • Microsociology & Macrosociology
    • Theory
    • Scientific Method
    • Structural Functionalism or Functional Analysis (CP Text ONLY)
    • Conflict Theory
    • Symbolic Interactionism

    Why Study Sociology?

    On some level, many of us "do" sociology without ever even knowing it! All humans are social beings and need social interaction to survive. What is interesting about the subject of sociology is that it provides the student the ability to study a multitude of topics, gives an understanding of why individuals (including yourself) behave they way they do, and how different cultures and societies fit together to form social patterns. It allows us a better understanding for why behaviors and patterns exist in society.  Furthermore, sociology allows us to see “the big picture” of world events as well as the smallest of human interactions.