Brianna Ingram


  • 11.6.2018

    Interactive Graphic Novels

    Thanks to a generous grant from the Michael E. Smith Endowment, we're able to have Holyoke Codes come into the classroom to teach Interactive Graphic Novels. Students will learn to use Ren’Py, a Python-based tool that enables them to easily create visual novels with words, images, and sounds. They will combine multi-media capabilities and digital storytelling, offering readers the ability to engage with their stories and make choices that affect the outcome! This program will run through November and the beginning of December.

  • 12.14.17

    Photography 1 field trip to Yale Art Gallery

    This trip relates to this unit in our current studies: We’re visiting the exhibits “Before the Event/After the Fact: Contemporary Perspectives on War” and “Artists in Exile: Expressions of Loss and Hope”.

    The mission of the Yale University Art Gallery is to encourage appreciation and understanding of art and its role in society through direct engagement with original works of art. The Gallery organizes exhibitions and educational programs to offer enjoyment and encourage inquiry.

  • April 27, 2017

    Graphics 2 guest speaker: Jeff Potter

    Jeff Potter is editor, designer, and operations director of The Commons, a nonprofit weekly community news operation in Brattleboro, VT.



    Arts Night 2017 is on Thursday, May 18th from 6-8pm

    Come see what your kids are making! Fine Art, Graphics, Photography, Woodworking & Music