F Block Likely Schedule

  • Likely Schedule for Unit 8 (1945-1980): Prosperity and Fear

    Thursday, March 15:   Introduce Unit; Chapter 36-The Cold War

    **HW: Read McCarthy/Chase-Smith Documents (hard copy)

    Friday, March 16: Chapter 36; The Cold War

    Monday, March 19: No F Block

    Tuesday, March 20: Chapter 36/37: The Cold War in Asia and Eisenhower's 1950s

    **HW: Watch Many Rivers to CrossEpisode 5: Rise (1940-1968)

    **HW: Begin ATP-Civil Rights

    Wednesday, 3/21: Chapter 37; Eisenhower's New Look

    Thursday, 3/22: Chapter 37; Eisenhower's New Look

    Friday, 3/23: Cuba, & Civil Rights

    Monday, 3/26: Civil Rights

    Tuesday, 3/27: Optional ATP-Civil Rights DUE!; Civil Rights (MCAS for Sophomores earlier in the day) 

    **HW: Begin ATP-Vietnam

    Wednesday, 3/28: No F Block (MCAS for Sophomores earlier in the day) 

    Thursday, 3/28: Chapter 38: JFK's Cold War (MCAS for Sophomores earlier in the day) Early Release (A, B, C, E, F Block only) 

    Friday, 3/30: No School (Good Friday Holiday Observed)

    Monday, April 2nd: Vietnam

    Tuesday, April 3rd: Vietnam

    **Hand out Review Exam # 1 Due: Fri. 4/13

    Wednesday, April 4th: Vietnam

    Thursday, April 5th: ATP on Vietnam Due!; 4 Corners

    Friday, 4/6: Chapter 39; 1970s Conservatism; Women; Economy

    **HW: Read Nixon DBQ Docs and The Rebirth of Caste

    Monday, 4/9: No F Block

    Tuesday, April 10: No School-In Service for Teachers

    Wednesday, 4/11: Chapter 39; 1970s Domestic and Foreign Concerns; Economy

    Thursday, April 12: Chapter 39; 1970s Domestic and Foreign Concerns and 1979


    Friday, April 13 Unit 8 In-Class Test (Multiple Choice and Short Answer); Extra Credit Due! Review Exam # 1 Due