• We are POSTPONING the Research Midterm!!

    What will the Midterm look like now? How is it formated? You will now have a traditional-styled midterm scheduled accoding to the published Midterm Schedule (D Block on Tuesday, 1/16 and F Block on Wednesday, 1/17).  This will be similarly formated to your Unit Tests, to include multiple choice questions, short answer, and a possible shorter essay that covers Units 1-6 (1607-1898). 


    How should I prepare?  Beginning today, I should begin to review all my resources in preparation for the midterm (notes, completed extra credit templates, littel review book, college board website, small study groups, etc.).  Ms. Goelz will provide more resources upon her return.


    What do I need to bring to the Midterm?  Please bring # 2 pencils, pens, and paper to write on.  

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AP US History Midterm

  • AP US History Midterm Assignment


    See Schedule posted within your assignment   (See File Pop-Out Below)


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