Unit 4 (1800-1848) The New Nation Expands

  • Unit 4: (1880-1848) The New Nation Expands


    Unit 4 Key Concepts (Period: 1800-1848)  

    Key Concept 4.1 — The United States began to develop a modern democracy and celebrated a new national culture, while Americans sought to define the nation’s democratic ideals and change their society and institutions to match them.


    Key Concept 4.2 — Innovations in technology, agriculture, and commerce powerfully accelerated the American economy, precipitating profound changes to U.S. society and to national and regional identities.


    Key Concept 4.3 — The U.S. interest in increasing foreign trade and expanding its national borders shaped the nation’s foreign policy and spurred government and private initiatives. 


    Chapters in Text: 11-15





      (1) ATP and ATP 2 on Immigrants' Effects from Documents: (1st Quarter Assessment: 20 points)

    1. Thomas L. Nichols' "Immigrants Do Not Endanger America"
    2. The Native American Party's "Immigrants Endanger America"


    (2) ATP on Women in the Early 19th Century (2nd Quarter Assessment:20 points)

     from Gerda Lerner's "The Lady and the Mill Girl"


       (3) Take Home Test (2nd Quarter Assessment: 45 points)


      (4) Visual Depiction of ONE of the Unit 4 Key Concepts (2nd Quarter Assessment: 20 Points)

    **See file below



    (1) 4 Corners Participation (2nd Quarter Classwork Grade: 10 points)


    Homework: TBD


    **Extra Credit: At the Discretion of the Instructor

    1. Revisions on In-Class Test & Essay (1/2 credit added to original In-Class Test and Full Credit on Essay; see syllabus for details)
    2. Completion of the Extra Credit Template (see General Info and Materials tab of website)for the Unit Key Concepts (Up to 10 % added onto your Unit Essay Test (Assessment Grade).  In the event that the unit does not have an Essay Test portion, the extra credit will be applied to the In-Class Test for that Unit.)


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