• Advanced Placement U.S. History: Summer Assignment


    To prospective students and parents,


    Students wishing to enroll in Advanced Placement United States History for the 2017-2018 school year should be aware that there is a summer assignment to turn in, in hard copy, on the first day of school.   


    **Students who do not turn in this assignment will earn a zero on this assignment and are advised to drop down to US History or enroll in another Social Studies elective. Please remember, this is a college level class, and students should be aware of a fast pace, lots of reading, and greater demands than most high school courses than they have taken in the past.


    Assignment: ***This Assignment is attached in a file below.*** 

    1. Read Chapter 1 of The American Pageant.   (Text issued prior to summer break)         


    • Notes and Key Terms: Note taking is an essential and necessary skill in AP US History. While they are not necessarily collected for points, it is expected that ALL students take notes and know the key terms from the list attached and provided in class. You may create outlines, utilizing the Cornell method or any other strategy that suits your learning needs. Your notes and key terms should be present with you at all times during class.


    • Increasingly students are turning to note taking software such as Evernote or Microsoft One Note as a way to make organizing reading notes (from multiple books) as well as lecture notes easier. While this is certainly effective and encouraged it is vital that you still do the work on your own. It is strongly discouraged that you solely utilize existing notes or reference material that you are given or that is online. While convenient and time saving, the vast majority of the learning takes place in actually doing the work for yourself – rather than relying on the work of others. Furthermore, handwriting notes, while old fashioned and much more time consuming, has typically yielded better results from students as it builds muscle memory and forces the student to more regularly ‘think’ and ‘evaluate’ which material is most vital to write down. Often typing and certainly ‘copy/paste’ note taking results in limited benefits to the user.


    Key Terms for Chapter 1: The American Pageant

    For each of the following terms, you should be able to identify, define, and/or explain.  You should be able to give the significance and make any connections or identify any relationships between the terms.


    Christopher Columbus                         Treaty of Tordesillas

    John Cabot                                             Bartolomé de Las Casas

    Ponce de León                                       Mestizos

    Hernando de Soto                                  Mound Builders

    Francisco Coronado                              Cahokia

    Giovanni da Verranzo                             Puebloans

    Conquistadores                                      Joint stock companies

    Encomienda System                               Hiawatha


    1.  Read the online documents from Christopher Columbus and Bartolomé de Las Casas.


    1.  Complete and Turn in TWO Author Thesis Papers (One for Columbus and One for Las Casas).  See below for directions.




                            Author’s Thesis Paper and ATP 2: Students are provided with opposing viewpoints expressed in either primary or secondary source documents and in writing must determine the following:

                                        The Thesis:

          What is the main argument of each author?  This should be 1-2 sentences long.  Please       label the source that you are writing about.


                The Evidence:

                 Does the author clearly support the thesis?  Provide 3-4 pieces of evidence that the                    author uses to support his/her thesis OR 3-4 points where the author fails to support                    his/her thesis.


                             Critical Analysis:

                 What do the sources add to your own understanding of the topic?  Does the author add to, complicate, or clarify your previous knowledge?  Explain with 2-3 responses.


    1.  Read the online Chapter 2: Why Billington Survived from Charles Mann’s 1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus (ISBN# 1-4000-3205-9).  You should  read the sections within Chapter 2, titled:


    1.  Complete and Turn in response to the following questions. (1-2 page, typed, double- spaced for each response)
    2.  Why is it important to read multiple accounts of history, like that of the text (secondary             source) and that of Columbus and de Las Casas (primary sources)?  


    1. In the nineteenth century, historian George Bancroft described the pre-contact America  as  "an unproductive waste. . . . Its only inhabitants were a few scattered tribes of feeble  barbarians, destitute of commerce and of political connection" [pp. 14—15]. After  having read the chapter, Why Billington Survived from Mann’s 1491, write a response in  which you say how Charles C. Mann would respond to Bancroft’s statement. You  should use MLA In-text citations to support your response.



    Contact Information:


    Ms. Goelz: lgoelz@shschools.com

    While I am available throughout the summer and do check my email, I do not check it everyday, and may be slower in my response time if you need to contact me.