Grow a Reader

Easy Ways to Grow a Reader

  • Easy Ways to Grow a Great Reader

    Get your child ready to read and to succeed in the school years ahead!

    1. Read to your child and point out words and pictures. You are your child’s first teacher.
    2. Visit the library every week with the whole family. Everyone gets to pick out their own books
    3. Get a library card at your local public library. It’s free!
    4. Sign your child up for Summer Reading at the local public library and enjoy free programs with fun activities, storytelling, crafts and more.
    5. When your child watches TV, join in and turn on the closed captioning so children see the words as they hear them.
    6. Talk together and tell stories with your child while cooking dinner, traveling, or shopping. Your child will learn lots of new words and ideas.
    7. Sing to your child while getting ready for the day or for bed.
    8. Encourage your child to set up a play library, restaurant, museum or school, complete with books, menus, maps, crayons. Children learn best through play!
    9. Write lists with your child - grocery lists, birthday present wish lists, or lists of your favorite books.
    10. Bring a basket of books for reading breaks from the sun, water, sand and all outdoor activities.
    11. Keep a list on the refrigerator of the books read to your child all year long.
    12. Read together at bedtime every night!
    13. Summer Reading at the South Hadley Public Library