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    What do Students Learn in Fourth Grade? 

    To guide our teaching in all subject areas, we utilize the Common Core State Standards. 
    In reading, we use Literacy Collaborative. This curriculum focuses on building a reading life and making lifelong readers. Throughout the year, the units of study will focus on reading with stamina, fluency and engagement, following characters into meaning, navigating non-fiction, synthesizing and interpreting complex texts, and answering literary prompts.
    In writing, we use Literacy Collaborative and Lucy Calkins Teaching Writing Units of Study. This curriculum urges students to live life as a writer, jotting down the everyday moments in his/her writing notebook, capturing life's journeys.  The students will learn to write personal narratives, informational pieces, poetry, realistic fiction, and fantasy. To hear Lucy Calkins speak about writing access this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WO29k1-RvsA.

    In math, we are using a curriculum called Math Expressions Common Core. The topics that are covered in our class include the following:  place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, and geometry. We work on developing problem solving skills throughout the entire year as well as practicing math facts.
    Social Studies:
    The social studies curriculum involves developing map skills as well as studying the five regions of the United States. Students learn to identify the states and capitals in our country and boost their map skills. We utilize the Social Studies Alive curriculum in our classroom.
    In science, the students learn about life science, earth science, and physical science. We utilize the Massachusetts Science and Technology/Engineering Standards, which are based on the Next Generation Science Standards. We use McGraw-Hill and Foss for our science curriculum.