Homework is the same every night, unless there is a special project going on.  Usually, students should have:

    •  a spelling activity (Monday - Thursday) on Week 1
    •  a language arts activity on Week 2
    •  a math page (usually double sided!)
    •  at least 20 minutes of independent reading (feel free to do more)

     This is the typical homework for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night.  No homework for the weekend. 

    Thursday night spelling homework is to study the spelling words as well as the spelling choice.  It would be good to ask your child to write down each word as you say it out loud.  This is what they will have to do for the test.

    Occasionally there will be a science or social studies test to study for.  Study guides are always given at least one week in advance.

    Homework should take about 40 minutes a night.  If something is incredibly confusing, just jot a note at the top of the homework explaining what you didn't understand.  DO NOT spend hours and hours trying to solve one problem, ripping your hair out, and curlilng up into a ball because you are frustrated!!!