Dear Families,

    We are so pleased to have your child in our class this year.  As the start of school approaches, and back to school sales have already begun, we wanted to share some exciting news that will be unique about fourth grade in our classrooms.  Your child will have both Mrs. Bosowicz and Mrs. Dowd.  Two teachers for the price of one!

    Mrs. Dowd will specialize in English Language Arts, and Mrs. Bosowicz will focus on Math, Science and Social Studies.  Half of your child’s day will be spent with Mrs. Bosowicz, and half with Mrs. Dowd.  We’re teaming up to specialize in certain aspects of the curriculum.  This approach will allow for each teacher to develop the curriculum on a deeper level, thus giving your child more meaningful instruction and learning opportunities.  

    We are excited to continue this model and look forward to meeting your child on the first day of school.

    ****Please read the make-up work/homework policy on our website. We ask that if your student is absent or on vacation that you wait until they return to get any schoolwork. This way lessons that haven't been taught are not going home and students will have extra time to make up any lessons they have missed. Thank you for understanding. 


                          Mrs. Bosowicz and Mrs. Dowd






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