• Classroom Expectations

    1. Students must be in class to maximize the learning experience. It is the student's responsibility to make up all work and to get any assignments, notes, or reading materials missed for any reason. 

    2. All students are responsible for all assigned work. No exceptions. 

    3. Due dates for all tests, papers, presentations, and any other assignments will be posted on a "Schedule Board" located in the classroom. Students are responsible for knowing what is due, when. 

    4. All make-up work or late work must be handed directly to the teacher. Do not expect to use the teacher's mailbox. 

    5. Grade 9: All graded tests, papers, journals, reports, etc., will be kept on file in a student's portfolio in the class. Instruction/assignment sheets will be maintained by the teacher.

    6. Students are expected to be responsible for having the proper materials, including texts, paper, pens, noptebooks, etc. as necessary. 

    7. Extra help is always available after school-- generally only on Wednesdays and two Tuesdays a month is the teacher not available-- speak to the teacher to set up an appointment.

    8. Students are expected to treat all SHHS property in a mature and respectful manner. Defacing/damaging desks, books, floors, walls, etc. is a serious issue.

    9. Substitue teahers are to be treated as repsectfully as the regular teacher is, and any work assigned by the substitute is a part of the over-all grade for the class. There will be no "busy" work-- it will all count and it will all matter. Disrespecting a substitute is a very serious issue and will not be tolerated. 

    10. Plagiarism is a very serious issue and will not be tolerated. Among the items that fall under plagiarism: talking/copying during in-class tests; copying any written work between students; copying non-annotated work from the Internet or any resource. Responsible and mature students do their own work. 

    11. The class grading system will basically follow the system detailed in the Student Handbook, but some assignments will be worth bonus points against average. 

    12. Appropriate demeanor in class is to be followed at all times, with particular attention paid to the following issues: 1) Harassment or ridicule of any person or group will not be tolerated on any level at any time in or out of class; 2) Gum chewing, eating, or drinking (except water) is not allowed in class at any time; 3) Hats sould not be worn in class; 4) Cell phones are to be powered down and/or off, but they should never be out and used in class unless authorized by the teacher.

    13. Handing in assignments late has become a major issue for all students in SHHS. generally speaking, all due dates in this class are firm-- that is, no late work will be accepted and students will receive a '0' for that assignment if not handed in on time. The "generally speaking" aspect in the above sentence comes into play reguarding illnesses, discussions with the teacher 48 hours PRIOR to the due date, or other issues or situations that you made the teacher aware of 48 hours PRIOR to the due date. 

    **Printer problems are NOT acceptable excuses for work being late; in addition, it is NOT the teacher's responsibility to print a paper. All assignments are to be in the form of a hard copy, and the 9th grade sections will also make their papers accessible to the teaher electronically-- instructions on properly doing that will follow. 

    **Four Essential Class Guidelines: Respect yourself. Respect others. Respect the building and facilities. Respect learning and the desire of others to learn.