• Students will be graded daily on a 10 point scale. 


     Prepared(proper shoes + clothes)

    On time and follows class/school rules

    Actively participates(self motivated)

    Positive Attitude (No complaining)

    Respectful of equipment/peers

    Motivational to others

    Assists with setup and take down of equipment

    Safe behaviors towards self and others


    Prepared(proper shoes + clothes)

    On time and follows class/school rules

     Actively participates(with encouragement)

    Safe behavior towards self and others 

    Occasionally uses inappropriate languages 


     Prepared(late to class with no pass)

    Participates with difficulty


     Lacks Self Control

    Needs reminders to participate-standing around

    Complains about activity 

    Frequent use of inappropriate language

    Frequently off task 


     Limited participation

    Complains about activity


    Not prepared

    No participation

    Absent from school(needs to makeup class)

    If a student has an excused absence from class, that student is eligible to make up the work. The phys. ed. department has packets for the students to complete. If the student can complete the packet and hand in the work by the end of the quarter, the student will receive full credit. If the student does not complete the packet, a zero will remain for their daily grade. 

    If a student has an injury a medical note must be provided stating the dates they are not able to participate and when they are cleared to participate again.  A packet must be completed to obtain credit.