• Teacher Expectations

    Contact info:  lduggan@shschools.com

    1.  Cell Phones. All cell phones will be collected and placed in a safe place for the duration of class. 

    2.  Attendance. Rules according to the SHHS Student Handbook will be implemented for any tardies/absences.  Students who miss an announced test or quiz due to a tardy are expected to report for a makeup test or quiz THAT DAY unless other arrangements have been made with the teacher.  Students who are dismissed early and return to school must report immediately after school to make-up the assessment.  Failure to do so will result in a zero grade for that assessment.  In accordance with the Attendance Policy outlined in the Student Handbook, students who exceed (12) absences in a full year course will lose credit.  Students whose tardiness causes them to miss more than half of a class will be considered absent for that class.   Three tardies equates to one class absence.

    3.  Absences.  CHECK THE WEBSITE!  If you are absent from class, it is your responsibility to make-up any and all missed work; tests, quizzes, homework, and/or class work. Rules according to the SHHS Student Handbook will be implemented.   Unexcused absences will result in a zero for the day’s work.

    4. Extra Help. It is expected that students stay after school for additional help. This is not punitive.  You are welcomed to seek help from any math teacher.  Take advantage of extra help.  I will be available Mondays & Thursdays 2 – 3 and Tuesdays and Wednesdays by appointment.  A Sign-up sheet is located by the classroom door.

    5.  Materials.  You will need the following:  notebook, file folders, pencils and the appropriate calculator.

    6.  Calculators.  Math courses require the use of a scientific or TI- 83, TI-84 graphing calculator.  It is your responsibility to obtain one. Cell phones are not permitted in class.

    7.  Preparedness.  Report to class on time and be prepared for class.  That means you have the correct (functional) calculator, pencils, book, notebook, etc.  Take responsibility for your own learning.

    8.  Deadlines.  Acceptance of late work is under the discretion of the teacher.  Late assignments may be accepted; however they will be marked down 50%.

    9.  Grades. Report cards are issued four times a year and progress reports are issued mid-quarter; however, it is the overall average that is most important.   There is no social promotion at the high school.

    10.  Text books. All books signed out are your responsibility.  Take care of them and do not lend them to other students. Replacement costs generally run between $50 and $115. 

    11.  Computer access. If you do not have access to a computer at home, plan accordingly to stay after school to utilize a computer either in the library or computer lab.

    12.  Behavior. Students are expected to follow the Code of Conduct as described in the SHHS Student Handbook.

    13.  Dress Code. Students are expected to adhere to the Student Dress Code as described in the SHHS Student Handbook. Hats may NOT be worn in my classroom. 

    14.  Food/Beverages. Plain water is the only beverage allowed in class.  Food and other beverages will be confiscated.

    15.  Academic Honesty. Copying, talking, texting, using unauthorized notes during a test or quiz, etc. will result in a zero for the work. Remember…Honesty is the Best Policy!