• Wellness is a Way of Life.

    It means actively being involved and engaged in behaviors that promote good health.

    Wellness class provides students with the skills and resources to make informed decisions, communicate with others respectfully, identify ways to handle problems and situations assertively.

    Make friends, keep friends, acquire social skills necessary for working together successfully.

    Students will learn the  components of fitness and know how to incorporate these in their workouts.

    These life long skills will eventually become part of their daily routine.

    The new Nicotine addiction for teens is :Vaping and e-cigarettes ,reducing cigarette usage for teens. We will address this growing problem and give parents tips for talking with your kids about Vaping. Get the facts at GetOutraged.org


  • * Sneakers-mandatory

    *Moveable clothes-mandatory

    *Water bottle-optional but a good idea to bring

    *Headphones and phone for listening to personal music-optional and have music station, selections prepared before coming into class room(Students will put phones on table in front of room IMMEDIATELY upon entering class) When we start workouts then they will get their music!

    *Bathing suit and towel -Mandatory if in Swimming Unit,Fun and Games 

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