• To log into GoogleClassroom you will need to be logged into your school google account

    and our current class access code.  Each block has a different code and these will change frequently.  


    For 2020-2021, updated XX, the codes are: 

    Period 1: A Block - Math 8 (Red): coming soon

    Period 3: B Block - Geometry (Yellow): coming soon

    Period 4: C Block - Math 8 (Green): coming soon

    Period 5: D Block - Math 8 (Blue): coming soon

    To join the class, click the "+" in the upper right of the google classroom page, then when prompted, use your class code.  With this code, you will have online access to our classroom page which will include assignments, links and announcements.  Be sure to 'submit' when you have completed it.  Adults can also choose to join the class to receive the updates, but we encourage students to become more independent.



  • In preparation for our MCAS computer testing this Spring, please complete the TestNav tutorial as well as both Math Practice Tests using the links below.  There are also links to PDF files for the Grade 8 Math Reference Sheet and the Equation Editor Guide and Equation Editor Symbols Key.