• Welcome! Concert Choir is available for any student in grades 5 through 8 who would like to learn to sing in a performing ensemble. No audition is necessary! We perform several concerts throughout the year and have a great time doing it. We rehearse every WEDNESDAY  during the first Arts block of each grade level for the entire year. Solo singing is not a requirement but many opportunities will be available for those who would like to give it a try. Parents will be notified of all performances and are always encouraged to join us. Attendance at performances is mandatory for all concert choir members, unless a parent or guardian issues a written excuse prior to the performance. We encourage the "team spirit" because every member is important and valued! Chorus is a graded subject so concert attendance, rehearsal time, effort, and musicianship are factored into each member's grade. Concert dress is required for all performances. We wear the black and orange MESMS Music Dept. tee shirts and black pants or knee-length skirt. For the safety of the performers flip-flops and high heels are NOT allowed. The goal of the concert choir is to assist each member to experience the joy of singing, the importance of team work, and the rewards of artistic expression. 

    Distance Learning for Concert Choir: Recordings of our concert choir songs are linked below. PLEASE practice your part in a song or two each day. No need to do all songs every day! Just try to keep your voice in shape and challenge your self to keep your part going! Remember that sopranos and altos often don't sing the same notes. If you find it hard to hear your part, let me know! It's easy to have a quick meeting for questions. I expect an email from you to let me know how practice is going! pmurawski@shschools.com         Stay healthy and have fun!    Mrs. M.


    Please click this link to practice THIS IS A CELEBRATION 



     Please click this link to practice KUSIMAMA



    Please click this link to practice Hallelujah 




    Please click this link to practice I GIVE YOU A SONG 



    Please click this link to practice BRAVE





    Be sure to check out my calendar for important dates! You will see dates and times for rehearsals, performances, field trips, fundraisers etc...