• Problem of the Week (POW) Rubric


    Correction Area              Description                             Value


    #1 Proper Format         Name, date and Hr# in upper                        1

    right-hand corner. POW # centered,

    on top-line. Typed or neatly printed.


    #2 Spelling/Grammar   Proper Grammar and Spelling.                      1


    #3 Problem Restated    Brief restatement (in own words)                   1

    of what the question is asking.


    #4 Facts                        List at least two facts needed to                     1       

                                          solve the problem.


    #5 Solution Work         Show the calculations (work)                         2

                                          needed to solve the problem. 


    #6 Solution (Answer)    Correct answer, properly labeled.                  1


    #7 Solution                    Explain, in detail, the steps you                      1

         Explanation              took to solve the problem.

              *What strategy did you use?


    #8 Alternate Method     Briefly explain another (different)                   1

                                          method of solving.


    #9 Reflection                 Write about the math.  Include at least            1

    one of the following:

    • What did you learn?
    • What confused/surprised you?
    • How would you help someone

         solve this problem?

    • Did you find the problem

         challenging? Why or why not?

              Total Value                                                              10