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    Kristen Hamilton
    English Department
    Welcome to my website. Check here for general information and homework related to your English class.
    Effort Makes a Difference!
    Check the South Hadley Remote Learning Portal for your new required assignments. remotelearning.southhadleyschools.org English work posted on Mondays. Need to complete 60% of this work to Pass. If you have questions or need help, you'll email me after reading the assignment description on Monday morning. I'll then send you an invite for a Google Hangout on Monday afternoon. You will share/email work to me at khamilton@shschools.com Assignments for each day of the week should take approximately 80 min. If you find that Monday's English work is taking longer than that, please let me know, so we can make adjustments.
     Please email me with any questions, problems, concerns. I will be checking school email multiple times a day. Let me know if there's something I can help you with, and I will get back to you. Be safe and Be well.
    Week of 3/16- 4/3Homework:
     If you should need to work at home, use the handouts and books provided in class. Additionally, check this teacher website. Additional copies of handouts can be found on the Helpful Resources page. Audible accounts are available to students free at this time. This would allow you to listen to one of our next books. Ms. Pronovost is working on E-book access for students, too, and more information will follow.
    *New assgnment for all classes* Writing for all students: See Helpful Resources page for copy of this assignment. Work on daily.
    Honors 10 & CP 10
    1. MacBeth Narrative Assignment: this is good practice for the MCAS and allows for a lot of creativity. Work for the equivalent of 2 class periods.
    2. Finish MacBeth imagery packet
    3. Work on MacBeth Imagery Assessment. Choose one imagery group to write your essay on. Use your packet to help you and the description of the assignment handout, also on the Helpful Resources page. Think about possible theme statements related to greed, power, ambition to incorporate into the discussion of the images in your essay. Plan to work for the equivalent of at least 2 class periods.
    4. Use websites to practice MCAS type questions and learn from student work and scoring guides.
    5. Finish reading selections, multiple choice questions, and essay responses in your MCAS packet.
    6. Begin Reading the novel, Things Fall Apart, if available, or read an ORB.
    Honors 12:
    1. Finish reading the memoir, A Long Way Gone.
    2. Finish classwork "Former Child Soldier Raps Message of Peace" & "What Do These Songs Fight For?" and any other incomplete classwork related to the memoir.
    3. Playlist project. See packet and/or Helpful Resources page here.
    4. A Long Way Gone Reflection. See handout. Address all questions.
    5. Begin reading novel, Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng.
     Remember to check the SHHS LIBRARY WEBSITE for English resources!
    *Grade 10 MCAS Dates 3/24/20-3/27/20*