•  Sociology (Both CP & Honors)

    Credit/No Credit...Mandatory work from 4/13-end of school year.

     Grading Policy in PowerSchool

    The grading options that I am using for Q4 and will appear in PowerSchool are as follows;
    • Collected: A Green checkmark designates that the assignment was handed in and has earned full credit.


    • Missing: An Orange exclamation mark designates that the assignment has not been handed in, is missing, and therefore has not earned credit.


    • Incomplete: A Blue, half-filled circle designating that the assignment has been handed in, but it was not sufficiently done to earn credit and therefore is incomplete. 


    • Late: A Pink clock-hand sign designating that the assignment was late, but turned in and has earned full credit.  


    • Exempt: A Purple diagonal sign designating that your student is exempt from this assignment.