• Mathematics  



    All people can learn mathematics and develop mathematical power. The mathematics department offers a comprehensive curriculum with a common core of mathematical topics and a range of course offerings that provide all students access to meaningful and rigorous courses of study. Course content is aligned with the Massachusetts Mathematics Curriculum Frameworks and every effort is made to help prepare students for MCAS testing in grade 10.

    All students are required to pass four years of high school mathematics. Students demonstrating a strong commitment to the study of mathematics and/or computer science may earn college credit by successfully completing one of our Advanced Placement courses in Calculus, Statistics, or Computer Science Principles and achieving a passing score on the AP Exam.


    Classroom instruction for many classes will incorporate the use of the TI-84 graphing calculator. Students in these classes must have access to an appropriate calculator for school and home use. More details about our expectations for calculators can be found in our Calculator Policy.