Updated Information for the week of June 1st.

    Class Meetings Become Work Sessions!!

    I'll be holding work sessions each week.  We'll work together on at least one assignment.  Please join me for these work sessions.  I'll post the links to the Google Meet the day of the work sessions.

    Research Paper:  Please send me the notes of the interview you conducted for your research paper. If you have not done the interview yet, remember to do it by telephone, telecommunication or email.  Keep everyone safe!

    You can either send it as a PDF if your printer is able to scan, or take a picture of the notes.  They do not have to be neat.  This is part of your quarter four grade.

    Independent Reading Assignment:  Please send me your reading log that was due on April 3rd.  You can either send it as a PDF if your printer is able to scan, or take a picture of it.  This log is part of your quarter four grade.  

    "While You're Away From School" page

    I've posted the assignments for this week on the "While You're Away From School..." page.  Please read the handouts carefully.  Please submit your work by the end of the day Friday.  

    If you can not access the Scholastic articles, please follow these steps:

    1.  Click on this link:  https://scope.scholastic.com/home-page-logged-in.html  or "google" Scholastic Scope magazine

    2.  Click on "Log in".

    3.  Click on "I am a Student".

    4.  Enter the classroom password:  "truckbox7807"

    5.  In the search bar, type the name of the article.  This should take you to the article.

    Contact me if you have any technical issues.  I can troubleshoot any problems with you.

    Please continue to read independently!  

    There are no requirements for what you choose to read this time.  What does that mean?  It means - no reading logs, no genre requirements, no reading level requirements.  It's FREE reading time in ELA class!  If you are having difficulty accessing a book, please let me know.  I can help. 

    I am posting a book log which I would like you to complete.  I would like to see what people have read during our time away from school.

    Click here for a copy of the book log:  Book Log 




     Contact information for Ms. Howes:

    email:  phowes@shschools.com

    telephone:  (413) 538-5074